About Me



Lara is a graduate of Business Administration, Bsc and MBA. Certified by Cornell University in Measuring and improving Business Performance. Certified in Project Management for Non-profit. Certified in Personcentered thinking and PC Plan Facilitation, she provides coaching, consultation, mentoring, training to organizations from a personcentered perspective to help inform both leadership and workforce on competencies for desired growth and success.

Lara is the CEO/Exe Director of NAPAC Capacity Development Initiatives (NAPAC-CDI), Ideal Milestones, Ideal Program Services, a community advocate and founder of Compassion Without Boarders. She’s a member of several organizations advancing quality of life for people with disabilities.

Lara Okunubi is a happy mother of four, a successful entrepreneur and dedicated philanthropist. Lara is passionate about contributing and transforming lives. One of her guiding mantra is “when support improves, outcomes will increase” a principle that has distinguished her as an effective leader, advocate for empowerment and systems change.